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Since 2012, I have had all my ready-made models hand-knitted in Sri Lanka.

In 2024 I visited all the knitters for the first time, and it was a fantastic and moving visit.

SRI LANKA social 

This social enterprise, which was originally founded by a Norwegian couple, employs
approx. 120 knitters who hand knit for a company in Norway and then for me.
I have until 2023 employed 60 women full-time for 3 months a year, from 2024 it has been expanded to 5 months a year. They knit my designs of shawls, jackets, coats, hats,
sweaters, etc. New models every year.

The women knit in centers around Sri Lanka, close to where they live, so they don't have
to travel long distances. It also means that they can stay in their immediate areas because they have work locally. Many knitters have been involved since the beginning and have thus been knitting for more than
30 years.

IMG_1538 (1).jpg

When they knit

they are able to support themselves and their whole family. When you buy a ready-knitted model from me, you help ensure them more work from me. Read a lot more about this incredibly sympathetic social enterprise, whose primary purpose is to empower local artisan women by giving them a fair pay for their work. The project also takes care of all the women, both when they do not have work for periods, when they get old and can no longer knit, when their houses need to be repaired, when they are in need of one kind or another.

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