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  • 10% on all items in my WEBSHOP*

  • 10% on all items in my Shop on Fanø*

  • Special offers members ONLY

  • Special events / lectures members ONLY

  • Keep an eye on the website, newsletters or facebook, where VIP OFFERS are advertised!

* not applicable for already reduced items, Masterclasses, Shetland knitting trips and Seyfarth Knitting Retreats unless the opposite is especially specified.



As a member of my VIP CLUB, you will receive a special offer each month. Additionally, you can shop in my shop on Fanø or in my webshop and receive 10% on all items. Just remember to provide your number or bring your membership card and we will deduct the discount.

Please note that your discount will NOT appear on your order confirmation. Unfortunately, our ITsystem cannot handle that. Instead, we simply deduct the 10% before we withdraw the purchase from your bank account.
It will be clear from your account statement that you have received a 10% discount.

All you need do to get a VIP discounts in my WEBSHOP is:

  1. Sign up

  2. Buy VIP CLUB Membership

  3. Receive your membership number and member certificates on your mail

  4. Enter your membership number at your purchase


If you shop in my shop at Fanø, you must show your VIP member certificate!
Remember, your membership is personal!

CHRISTELS SEYFARTH ENGLISH WEBSHOP is only for customers who are not resident in Denmark. 
Residents living in Denmark please use the Danish webshop. VISIT DK WEBSHOP HERE

CHRISTELS SEYFARTH ENGELSKE WEBSHOP er kun til kunder som IKKE er bosiddende i Danmark.
Kunder som bor i Danmark bedes venligst benytte den danske webshop. BESØG DK WEBSHOP HER

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