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This kind of stitch wire is a must-have in any knitting bag! Use the stitch wire when stitches for eg sleeves or a back piece need to rest. Here you get one long wire of 5 meters, which you can cut yourself to fit the number of stitches.


See this instruction video



  • If you are used to using a yarn thread to hold your stitches in place, then we can only recommend trying a wire like this - it is SO easy! Attach the wire to the tip of the stick (it sticks) and pull the stitches over the wire while pulling the stick out. Finish by tying a knot on the ends. In the same way, you will later bring your stitches back on the stick again. So what are you waiting for?

    These mask wires fit knitting needles up to 6 mm.

    Material: PVC
    Length: 5 meters
    Width of wire: 2.5 mm

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