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The iron barque, Sixtus, was the biggest sailing ship on Fanø. As a tribute to the gorgeous figurehead on Sixtus, I have designed a hat and a kerchief with South American undertones.



Circumference: 130 cm Height: 20 cm



Super Soft lambswool from Christel Seyfarth Art Knits

Colour 1: 30 g charcoal

Colour 2: 30 g fairy

Colour 3: 50 g pecan Colour 4: 50 g fauna

Colour 5: 10 g almond



Circular needles 3 mm and 3.5 mm: 80 cm


“Sixtus” Kerchief

  • SIXTUS The kerchief can be knit bigger and wider if you wish, but be aware that the pattern comes out correctly according to the stitches. The kerchief is knit in the round as one long pipe that is turned over, wrong side to wrong side, in the middle and in such a way that there is a front and a back, each with its own pattern. When the kerchief is wound around the neck, the front or the back can be turned out according to which side should be seen.

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