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The iron barque, Sixtus, was the biggest sailing ship on Fanø. As a tribute to the gorgeous figurehead on Sixtus, I have designed a hat and a kerchief with South American undertones.





Head circumference: 55 (60) cm

Height: 18 cm (or as desired)



Super Soft lambswool from Christel Seyfarth Art Knits

Colour 1: 20 g charcoal

Colour 2: 20 g fairy

Colour 3: 15 g pecan

Colour 4: 15 g fauna

Colour 5: 15 g almond



  • Circular needles 3 mm and 3.5 mm: 40 cm
  • Double pointed needles 3.5 mm
  • One double pointed 2.5 mm needle (for picking up the pin tuck)


“Sixtus” Hat

  • SIXTUS. The hat is knit from the bottom up and in the round. The hat is beautifully suited for leftovers in that only a little yarn is used of each colour. You do not need all the colours I have used, so there are many plenty of possibilities for play.

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