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In 2019 I exhibited at the Fanø Arts Museum and in order to complete the exhibition I needed to do one more design – quickly! So I knitted this sweater, which was not meant to be more than this only model, but my customers liked it so much, that they persuaded me to make a knit-kit. So here it is!

The colours and the tiny pattern are inspired by the flickering light by the ocean here on the island.

It is available as a knit-kit in 2 sizes: S/M/L and XL/XXL

Measurements S/M/L – PRICE DKK 860,-

Total lenght 60(62)66 cm

Chest 100 (106)112 cm

Measurements XL/XXL – PRICE DKK 980,-

Total lenght  (68)70 cm

Chest (118)124 cm


  • Please let us know if you wish to have the pattern in Danish, German, English or Dutch

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