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“We are not leaving this house till the Morningstar dawns, and we want a coffee-punch, oh, yes, we do!”


This cheerful quote derives from a well-known Fanø-song, and these lines are song diligently and ALWAYS when there is a feast on Fanø. I have designed a bridal jacket that resembles the one that was worn in Sønderho (Fanø) in the old days. An insert has been knitted and it is located on the front of the chest, so the jacket looks as though something is softly hidden underneath. In the old days, a beautiful piece of silk was used as an insert.


”Morning Star” – Bridal Jacket





Chest: 86 (94) 102 cm

Chest Measurements when the jacket is closed without the insert. When the jacket is open with the insert, the chest Measurements is inceased by up to ca. 8 cm (all sizes).


Waist: 74 (82) 90 cm

Length, incl. waist bodice: 55 (57) 59 cm

Sleeve length: 48 (49) 49 cm

Insert width: 16 cm

Insert height: 18 cm



Super soft lambswool from Christel Seyfarth Art Knits

Colour 1 (bodice plus one of the pattern colours on the body and pattern coloured sleeve): 100 (100) 100 g

Colour 2 (body base colour): 100 (100) 100 g

Colour 3 (bubbles plus one of the pattern colours on the body and the base colour on the sleeve): 100 (150) 150 g



  • Circular size 3 mm: 40 cm, 60 cm and 120 cm
  • Circular size 3.5 mm: 40 cm and 60 cm
  • Double pointed size 3 mm and 3.5 mm
  • One double pointed 2.5 mm needle (for picking up the pin tuck)



5 Norwegian clasps


Cream-black-golden model

Colour 1: cream

Colour 2: black

Colour 3: asparagus

“Morning Star” Bridal Jacket – Cream/black/golden

  • The jacket is close fitting with a bodice. It is closed in the front with clasps. The middle piece on the chest is not closed. Here, a square piece is inserted. It is knitted separately and lightly attached inside the jacket.


    The bodice, made in moss sts with bubbles, plus the following 3 pin tucks, is knit back and forth. Then, the work is gathered together and is knit in the round with the steek-stitches up until the armholes. Here, the work is divided again and then knit back and forth. Where only one number is apparent, it applies to all 3 sizes.

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