Lovely girl's sweater in joyful colours and patterns.

In the 1970'ies a movement called "Hønsestrik" (chicken knit) arose in Denmark. The idea was to throw away all rules for knitting, make your own designs, knit with the wool you had, knit in various statements on your sweaters, and generally be indifferent to what was right or wrong. That lead to a freedom and creativity for all Danish knitters at that time, and for all of us who joined this movement, we still go back to "Hønsestrik" and do our own stuff. "Hønsestrik" has got a revival these years, and here is my contribution to a girl's sweater.

You will need circular needles 2,5 and 3,5 mm, 40 cm and 60 cm and DPN 2,5 and 3,5 mm.

Measurements: Chest: 75 cm, Lenght: 42 cm

Only available in this colour variation

"FARS PIGE" (Daddy's girl)

  • At the moment only available in Danish, but English, Dutch and German translation is on its way!