Hand-knitted shawl with a beautiful pattern inspired by traditional Faroese patterns, framed by a striped border.

The shawl is knitted in super soft lambswool in super quality. It takes more than 200 hours for an experienced knitter to knit this shawl.

Here you get a shawl that lasts a lifetime.


  • When you invest in a hand-knitted shawl from Christel Seyfarth, you invest in a piece of craft, made by the most experienced knitters and a yarn quality that is top notch. Christel Seyfarth's unique patterns and color combinations always stand out from the crowd, and when you take such a shawl over your shoulders, you can be absolutely sure of being complimented - in addition to staying nice and warm, of course.

  • If you are an experienced knitter and love fair-isle, beautiful colors and patterns, you can knit this beautiful shawl yourself.

    Of course you save money, but the most important thing is that you will feel entertained for many, many hours.