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SHOWROOM | Hand-knitted shawls, coats and jackets | Ready made

About hand-knitted unique models

Design of hand knitting models (knitting kits) is a big part of my work, but sometimes I need to dive into my small treasuries of yarn, collected for many years, and then make a piece of unique knitting that is only to be knit A single time. Most unique models are sold in my shop on Fanø, but others are used for exhibition.
If they are for sale, you will find them in my WEBSHOP.


For time reasons, I do not accept orders!


Ready-made shaw, jackets and coats

Hand knitting a coat is a very big handwork. A knitter can be between 2 to 6 months to knit the same model, depending on how routine she is. It takes approx. 200 hours to knit a shawl or coat in your hand. A short jacket takes a little less time. We have a great range of hand-knitted models in the store, some of the models are only available in a single copy.
Please take a trip to Fanø to see and try the models. But we also sell some of the models in the WEBSHOP

All models are amazingly beautifully knitted, it's really nice craftsmanship - and all models are unique.


See more on my YouTube channel, facebook mm. Click on icons at the bottom of the page

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