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PATTERN without yarn

ROKOKO COAT | Lambswool and alpacca 

Order XS/S/M/L or XL/XXL. (the sizes are small)


Here is the most outstanding project for the experienced knitter. Amazingly beautiful coat with tail skirt and puff sleeves - and lots of knitting challenges.

PATTERN without yarn - ROKOKO COAT

  • Please note, that all patterns, regardless of language version, belong to "CHRISTEL SEYFARTH art knits" and may not be subject to any other publishing / sale, either online or through physical copying.

    As we have to find room for new models on the webshop, we have to remove some of the oldest models. However, you can still buy the patterns on these discontinued models. Although they are no longer available in my range as knit kits, they are all so classic that they are completely timeless in design and colour.  

    You can buy your own colour combinations  on my webshop, or you can stick to the "old" original colour combination as in the picture - or you may be knitting from your stash. You decide for yourself :-)


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