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01.09.2017 NEW BOOK "FANØSTRIK Beyond til Horizon" by Christel Seyfarth

The wellknown knitwear designer Christel Seyfarh has once more found her inspiration from her native island, where she still lives. The traditional island costumes and their culture give inspiration to contemporary knitting patterns. The costumes as well as the unique nature of Fanø have been great inspiration sources. This is reflected in the fantastic and impressive photos by Ole Joern.

The knitted designs -  shawls, stoles, jackets, sweaters, dress, etc. are accompanied by Christel Seyfarth's personal tales about the island and its history. The text in the book is in Danish and English.


Previous publication: Fanøstrik - the colours of Fanø, Klematis, 2013

FANØSTRIK – Beyond the Horizon by Christel Seyfarth

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