Fanø was once the homeport for Denmark's largest sailing-ship fleet, surpassed only by Copenhagen. The ships transported goods from the Seven Seas, and the seamen were often gone for years at a time. The tile culture on Fanø is closely related to the heydays of the island. The tiles were used as ballast on the ships sailing from Holland to Denmark. Once home, the tiles were set into the walls creating the most beautiful patterns.

THE FANØ TILE SHAWL is inspired by all the beautiful Dutch tiles that sit on the walls of the old Fanø houses. The shawl is hand-knitted in the finest supersoft lambswool. It takes more than 200 hours for a practiced knitter to knit this pattern-rich shawl.


  • It takes an experienced knitter to knit this pattern-rich shawl, which has been a bestseller since Christel Seyfarth designed it in 2013. If you are a fan of Fanø, this is the shawl you should own. If you have never been to Fanø, you will love it anyway! And definitely wish to come to the island. We welcome you all.