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This fine collection of colorful stitch stoppers comes to you here in a practical zipper bag. The stitch stoppers slide really well on the knitting needles and help you keep track of your stitches so they do not slip off the needle when your project is in your bag. They are also really good when you have to try on your sweaters that are knitted from top to bottom, as the stitches do not fall off the needle along the way, which we have probably all tried ;-)


  • The smart zipper bag for storing the stitch stoppers measures 15 x 12 cm and has a statement in black on the front. 

    "I could give up yarn, but I'm not a quitter!"

    In the package you get as many as 24 stitch stoppers in different  colors. You can expect them to fit on sticks up to 8 mm.

    Colors: Mushroom, Blue, White and Vintage Pink
    Material: EVA

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