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These are mesh markers in the truly luxurious department. The stones are handmade from delicious materials from nature's own treasuries, and each and every stone is unique. For the same reason, the stitch marker set may also vary slightly in color and types of stones.

Here you get a set of six stitch markers, which fit large needles up to 15 mm. The stitch markers consist of a soft metal wire and fine stones. They come as a set that is attached to a keychain with a handle that says: "I could give up yarn but im not a quitter". On top of that, a small canvas bag is included, in which you can store your beautiful markers.

Quantity: 6 pcs.
Material: Metalwire



    Beautiful stitch markers with stone pendants that fit all your knitting needles. Use them to mark where to decrease and increase, where a new pattern begins and ends, or just to show where the round starts.

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