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This shawl is inspired by the beach roses growing on the sandy beach of Fanø. In the real world the roses are just as bright in red, pink and white colours. We also offer the shawl in a lovely pastel colour combination. Have a look here

This colour combination reflects the coming of summer, where colours are bright.

You will need these circular needles: 3,5 mm, size 40, 60 and 120 cm. Order them here

Measurement of shawl:

Height: 105cm /Width: 250 cm. Both measurements  incl. border


  • The shawl is knitted in the round with steeking. Side borders are added after the shawl has been cut up, and they are also knitted in the round.

    The wool is high-end, luxerious  Scottish supersoft lambs wool. It is unwashed and contains a bit of spinning oil. It is recommended that the finish model is washed after completion in order to obtain full softness.

    The shawl is a real joy to knit. Be careful - this may make you addictive to knitting shawls in the round with Christel's colourway

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