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Outerwear is not worn with the dress costumes of Fanø, so when it was cold and the wind sang a gale from the north west, one could wear an extra sleeveless body (“bul”) on top of one’s night jacket, or one could throw a stole across the shoulders.


Width: 155 – 160 cm Height: 80 cm



Supersoft lambswool from Christel Seyfarth Art Knits

Colour 1 (base colour on stola and pattern colour on facing): 300 g

Colour 2 (pattern colour on stole and base colour on facing): 175 g

Colour 3 (base colour): 125 g

Colour 4 (pattern colour and cork screws): 300 g



  • Circular needles 3.5 mm: 60 cm plus 2, 120 cm
  • Crochet needle 3 mm


Black-cream model with a light purple base colour)

Colour 1: crocus

Colour 2: black

Colour 3: oatmeal

Colour 4: purple haze

Gale (from the North West)” Stole – Black/cream/light purple

  • The stole is knitted in the round on the short end and with the steek stitches in between. Then it is cut up. The stole has inside facing on all 4 sides. After the cut up, the stitches for the facings are picked up along the 2 long ends and one short end. The stitches that are already on the needle, stays on the needle, and knitting in the round is done with these as well as the newly picked up stitches, while also decreasing in the corners. Lastly, the fringes (corkscrews) are crocheted on one of the long ends of the stole or on the two short ends.

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