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FLOWER POWER coat, red

Great coat that makes your mood rise several degrees! Fine color combination with a nice finish of interior coatings. An expression of a bygone flowerpower time with the motto: "make love not war!" Wear it over white or black clothes, or what about a reddish dress underneath?


Available in 2 sizes:
S / M / L and XL / XXL
Chest width: S / M / L; 96/104 / 112cm Breast width: XL / XXL: 124 / 136cm



  • All coats with pattern knitting are worked on cirkular needle, then cut up and sewn. Following each pattern, there is a clear description for how the model is cut, sewn and finished.

    When knitting with 2 colours, you "weave" the colour you are not using in every 2, 3, or 4 sts for in this way to avoid long strands on the back of the model. This tecchnique is called Fair Isle and is used when working in the round or (on rightside rows) when working back and forth.


    The coat is knitted in lambswool on size 3.5 circular needles in 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm and 120 cm


    There is yarn enough in knitting kits for the biggest size. The needles are available in the webshop.

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