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This new amazing coat with a great shape and colourway is named "Circus" as it reminds me of a circus with all its patterns and colours. At the moment I offer it in one size only, but as the fit is quite roomy, it will fit a size 38 - 42. It is knitted in 14 panels, the play with colour in the border is a bit different from my other coats, a bit more like painting, but it is fun, and not difficult at all.

You will need circular needles and dpn needles size 3.5mm: 120cm, 80cm, 40cm as well as size 3.0 circular needles size 120 cm and dpn needles size 3mm.

The coat consists of 7 colours - you are welcome to choose your own colourway. Have a look at the original coat to see how the colours are used, and let us hear what you would like.

Measurements: Breast width: 98cm. Total lenght: 80 cm. Bottom width: 164 cm


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