I love this jacket with a tight fit and a zipper in the front. It is easy to wear, does not need many decisions as to what to wear with it – equally wearable on a chilly day in the spring as well as on a chilly evening in the Scandinavian summer, suitable for all occasions.  It is toned down, pattern wise, but still very unique in the mix of graphic and floral patterns and colors.


It is knitted in my favourite wool as well, super soft lambs wool from Scotland, but you can also choose a softer and more exclusive yarn, my new cashmere/super soft blend (30% cashmere/70% supersoft lambswool), which has the same gauge as the super soft lambs wool.  It is up to you what you prefer.

The knit-kit contains yarn to knit size L, and the pattern offers size S/M and L.
Zipper and needles are not included.



Total length: 58(60)68 cm

Hibs: 86(90)96 cm

Waist: 72(78)85 cm

Breast: 75(83)90 cm


You will need these needles:

Circular needles, size 2,5mm and 3,5 mm: 40, 60 and 100 cm

Double pointed needles: size 2,5mm and 3,5 mm


Choose your own colours and yarn quality or buy the colourways on the pictures. It is up to you. You will need 2 colours for body and sleeves. Please state which one is base colour. You will need a colour for the yoke and a colour for the bubbles on the yoke.